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Meet Dorkin

Tirelessly innovating to transform commercial operations.

Our professional development teams are skilled in various industries and a myriad of business sectors. This enables Dorkin’s team to significantly support organizations with the automation of complex workflows in commercial, non-profit and government businesses. Employing unrivaled skills in research and development, our teams transform the way the organizations operate, whether in government, aviation, IT and data analytics.

Our research reveals that a majority of IT projects fail before being completed. That's why we manage IT services rigorously, to ensure issues and decomposition are dealt with immediately after detection. Software development requires invention, conception, and adroit management of humanistic relationships.

8A Certified Contracting Company

Dorkin Technology Solutions is authorized by Federal, State and Local government municipalities to provide professional services and commodities. Hire skilled and talented professionals without the dramatic and costly commitment of hiring and firing full-time permanent employees.

Success is our number one priority.

Our goal is to help our clients win business, reduce expenses, and grow revenue.

Innovative Solutions

The professional insight needed to redefine business workflows.

Project Management

Project Management

Strengthen your company’s foundation and better manage product development, employee retention and more.
Recruitment Consulting

Recruitment Consulting

Dorkin’s specialist recruiters ensure every new team member is the perfect fit, leading your organization to success.
Information Technology

Information Technology

Digital experts streamline digital processes, remove bottlenecks and ensure improved efficiency and loss minimization.


We’re recognized by the SBA as an 8A Certified Minority-Woman Owned Economically Disadvantaged Small Business. Dorkin is also credentialed with (DOT) Disadvantaged Business Enterprise, Minority Business Enterprise and SWaM program.