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Close it up and lock it down.

A Myriad of Risks

Today’s organizations are slammed with thousands of cyber risks on an annual basis from both inside and outside sources. Employees often accidentally expose organizations to risks like worms, trojans, logic bombs and even malicious complex viruses. These risks can often be fatal to business and make it vitally important to implement comprehensive security protocols.

At Dorkin, we develop intelligent solutions and cybersecurity protocols with a central focus on blocking all access to servers, ports, internet connections on unauthorized devices and implement deep level encryption.

Cyber Intelligence Services

Dorkin Cyber Intelligence Services

Explore our cyber intelligence and tech solutions below. It’s never too late to design, install and maintain entirely bespoke cyber intelligence services to suit your business’s unique workflows.

24/7 Remote Maintenance

24/7 Remote Maintenance and Monitoring

Our team utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to gain deep insight into potential risks and to mitigate them. Intense evaluation, upgrading, and hardening of networks throughout client enterprises are also undertaken to mitigate potential security threats.

Dorkin will assist in designing and implementing complete WAN backups for all UNIX and Windows systems within a group, along with reducing disk space and processing times whilst boosting security and bandwidth. We’ll also make sure to integrate VPN connections throughout your organization for added security.

Comprehensive Security Awareness

Comprehensive Security Awareness Programs

A vital statistic for organizations to understand is that up to 80% of network misuse is down to employee mistakes. Though often entirely accidental, this misuse can create loopholes for criminals to enter servers, or even bring an entire business to a screeching halt.

At Dorkin, we developed multi-step educational security awareness presentations and programs with the sole purpose of educating all employees
on the importance of being safe in cyberspace. An innovative curriculum and structure ensures engagements and will mean that no matter how ‘tech smart’ a team member is, they’re sure to understand and have fun while learning.

Establishing and maintaining a strong information security awareness program is vital to an organization’s progression and success. Comprehensive and robust security awareness program will assist every organization with education, monitoring, and ongoing maintenance of the program (PCI, 2017).

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In the rapidly moving IT sector, it’s difficult to stay up to date. Usher in a new level of cybersecurity and an empowered, education team and say goodbye to vulnerabilities. Get in touch with Dorkin today and speak with one of our IT specialists.

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