Professional IT Services

Advanced, IT Services for Every Industry.

Top-tier Security, Easy to Use

Stay in touch and work hard anywhere with our range of integrated and intuitive IT solutions that have been designed to make everyone’s lives a whole lot easier. Our technology solutions make it easier than ever to freely move around your workplace, city or home and stay in contact with what’s going on back at work.

A Seamless Workplace

At Dorkin, our primary focus is to ensure your workplace has never operated faster, more effectively or more profitably. Our IT services have been developed in a way that fosters efficient work that can also be shared with everyone involved. Whether you’re looking for a way to secure business servers, get in touch with remote team members or even streamline an entire project, the Dorkin team is right here and ready to help out.

Our Range of IT Solutions

With such an experienced team, Dorkin makes implementing effective IT solutions entirely seamless.

  • Access Development
  • Asset Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Continuity Planning
  • Custom Software
  • Enhancement
  • Disaster Recovery/Back up
  • Storage
  • Data Analytics
  • Database Administration
  • Learning Management
  • Systems
  • Maintenance
  • Mobile Application
  • Development
  • Multi-media Graphic Web
  • Design
  • Network and Security
  • Procurement and Logistics
  • Project Management
  • SharePoint Administration/
  • Development
  • Staffing
  • Training and Course Curriculum
  • Vendor Management
  • Virtualization

More Insight Than Ever

Dorkin gives you more control over your projects, teams, and clients than ever before with far-reaching proprietary developed IT solutions. Whether you’d like to see project updates, hire new staff or gain an insight into what clients are saying about your business, Dorkin is able to provide these solutions.

Of course, security is deeply integrated into all of our solutions. We understand that all business workflows should be kept private, as well as any communication and file sharing. That’s why we ensure all of our IT services are implemented in a way that keeps all lines closed to the outside world. The only eyes on your work are yours.

Let’s Succeed Together

If you’re ready to integrate outstanding IT solutions into your workplace and get more done a whole lot easier, then reach out to Dorkin today. An efficiency-focused, empowered workplace is only a phone call away.