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Most government agencies can use our STARS III contract!


  • Link to the GSA STARS III website (
  • Master Contract Number# 47QTCB22D0465
  • Contractor DUNS Number#078607247, UEI Number#ZBR8B2HAGEL5, and CAGE Code #6VJL9
  • Contact information of the Contractor’s Program Manager: Summer Banks 703-826-9907

Embrace an efficient and effective workplace.

Dorkin is an SBA certified minority women-owned organization.

At Dorkin, we provide a range of premier IT services for state and local municipalities, as well as federal government contracting. We understand the complex dynamics of today’s economy and that’s why we implement cutting-edge procedures across the board to ensure maximum efficiency.

Efficiency Enhancements

Our central focus is to always drive our client’s workplaces to maximum efficiency, whilst staying within budget. We’re able to do this by utilizing our advanced research and development experience to optimize workflows, create new ones and better use client and customer data. On top of this, data and software engineering allow us to grant our clients a deeper understanding of their metrics, enabling a better use of resources.

We’re not simply interested in solving your problems of today, but also the problems of the future. Welcome a new level of efficiency and functionality into your organization through better software, improved data analysis and removal of stale workflows.

No matter your problem, we’ll fix it.

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Tech Specialists

Agencies in need of specialized Information Technology assistance will be glad to know that the expert Dorkin Tech Team are more than capable of enhancing all facets of business. Whether you need identification and removal of bottlenecks or an entirely new software system development and implemented, we’re able to help out.

Additional technical functionality will increase efficiency and thereby streamline existing processes through automation and user-friendly graphical interfaces. Progressively revamp your IT needs at an affordable price.

You’re only as productive as your known options!™

Let’s Get Started

Staying ahead of the curve and remaining relentlessly efficient at all times is far easier said than done. At Dorkin, we create entirely new workflows, spot ineffective tasks and entirely rejuvenate government workplaces. Reach out to us today and let’s get started!

Please contact a member of our sales team for a free professional consultation at 1-877-246-5385 ext. 202 or [email protected].