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Sustainable, efficient and profitable and solutions.

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It’s never been easier than to stay on track and keep moving forward. Empower your team and complete projects as seamlessly as possible.

The Dorkin Project Management Team

At Dorkin, our professional project management teams provide upstanding service for our clientele. Our subject matter experts are PMP certified with over 10 years of program and project management experience along with R&D experience.

Our team is able to provide essential foresight for methodically managing potential risks and pitfalls within a project’s process along with capably refining and redeveloping existing processes.

Industries and Solutions

A unique take on software, research and development, and innovation means Dorkin is able to assist organizations operating in a myriad of industries. We work alongside clients in aerospace, retail, logistics, government and more to improve business systems and to redefine the way companies operate.

Businesses who are in search of answers to their complex operations and require a way to streamline tasks and reduce losses are certainly in luck. Our background in research and development means Dorkin’s expert project management teams are more than prepared to advance entire projects with a prime focus on sustainability, profitability, and efficiency.

Government | Retail | Logistics | Finance | Commercial | Health | Transportation | Law

The Project Management Office

A new way to control project management efforts and keep a close eye on legal compliance. We understand most organizations have little direction to follow once an employee departs, so we’ve developed a new approach. Our precise organizational processes mean you’ll be within reach of all portfolio documents, including strategy.

No matter the project you’re undertaking, our professional management teams implement our R.A.W process: Realistic, Attainable, and Within budget to make the entire processes as seamless as possible.

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