Data Analytics

Enabling Businesses to Do More With Less.

Insight Extracted from Big Data

At Dorkin, we strengthen typical data analytics processes and innovate entirely new ways of extracting and making use of data. We have supported over one hundred organizations in the US to utilize the data they have collected in a far more effective way to ultimately do more with less.

Our professionals understand how important data management is in the digital age, that’s why we bring the latest industry knowledge and business models to the front line of business. Regardless of what you’re interested in gaining from your investment in your data, we’re here to make sure you get it through innovation, analytical R&D and a commitment to improving operations.

You’re only as productive as your known options.™

Data Analytics

Following a Creative Process Model

A CPM is a company-designed internal process for developing small-scale software application solutions independent of, or supplemental to contract-acquired work. At Dorkin, our CPM solutions target a unique company investment strategy and are designed to increase its value by redefining how value is created and deployed through its corporate and product sales space.

Business Intelligence & Machine Learning

At Dorkin, our data analytics solutions are on the cutting-edge of technology. We understand that organizations want to do more with less with the help of advanced business process engineering. Our clients don’t want another set of tools, they want answers.

Our research and development teams have worked tirelessly to release highly cost-effective solutions to improve the accuracy of business processes using statistical and graphical data capabilities.

Cost-Effective Data Solutions

Our advanced data analysis give organizations the insight to make the most informed and businessfriendly decisions. It’s never been easier to keep operations running smoothly. We utilize both existing and archived metrics to develop entirely new tools, workflows and assist with future projects and expansions.

Not only are we leveraging existing applications for quick processing turn-around time, but we also replicate the information from the cloud for a lower rate, and considering proprietary data is processed with desktop-based tools, your data is less likely exposed to vulnerabilities of the cloud.