Cost Effective, Scalable IT Security for Small Business

Secure Solutions for Everyone

We understand not every business has the same cybersecurity budget as a multi-national corporation and that’s why Dorkin has taken the time to develop low-cost solutions that provide more than just the basics. Meet Dorkin’s CyberCage IT security solutions.

Cybercriminals have directed their attention to small companies, fighting for unauthorized access to information about customers, clients, intellectual property, and a whole gambit of other corporate assets.

We’re here to stop them.

Affordable Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is essential for every business, regardless of the industry they operate in. For most organizations, cybersecurity is an afterthought because it’s often perceived as too expensive or complex. That’s why Dorkin has taken the initiative to utilize our expertise in research and development to create
entirely new, affordable ways to integrate cybersecurity into business.

Our teams work tirelessly to incorporate highly-advanced security systems, protocols, and software to ensure your business is safe from cyber threats.

Agile and Scalable Solutions

Cyber Security Intelligence

Companies looking for cyber solutions that comprehensively cover countless workflows, products and more will be glad to know that Dorkin’s CyberCage solutions do just that.

Our Research and Development teams have taken every type of product and service into consideration and that means whether you need a security solution for a single device, or an entire suite of IoT devices, we’re ready to implement exactly that. In recent years these all-encompassing services have become critical as businesses that experience cyber attacks often go out of business within just six months.

Say goodbye to expensive, complicated and unscalable cyber solutions and hello to an entirely new level of security with Dorkin’s research-and-development-backed cybersecurity solutions.

Future Studies for Information Security

As the global tech market relentlessly innovates there are more amazing services and products being developed than ever before. Of course, these services need to be protected and secured from cybercrime.

Several of our clients are working tirelessly to develop new-age services and solutions on the back of AI and Nanotech, though these new technologies present security issues. Dorkin’s background in R&D has meant that we are able to create services like our CapTrak business intelligence tool, designed to give our clients a far deeper and more secure insight into their new technologies.

For a sample of Dorkin’s CapTrak business intelligence tool click here or contact [email protected] to schedule your free consultation and demo.